Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We found out about this great project done in 2005 from an old post on MoCo Loco.

"In partnership with Bernardaud Foundation, the 5.5 designers has developed especially for the Biennial a project entitled "ouvriers-designers ". The young creators intervened on several occasions during the year in the industrial chain of Bernardaud's porcelain factory, to frame a creative freedom punctually granted to certain workers at each step of industrial process, by taking the counterpoint or by authorizing some gestures usually impossible or prohibited in a standardized manufacturing process. They thus brought "disturbances" very individualized to certain traditional products of the Bernardaud range, which continue, then, the usual way of their perfect development.

Seven stages of manufacture (casting, calibration, enamelling, finishing, garnishing, transfer, spinning) were selected to illustrate the matter of the 5.5 designers to emphasize, thanks to the project "Designers Workmen", the intelligence of the hand, too often neglected nowadays.



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